About Us

Our Company

Talcott Resolution is a life insurance and annuity company with extensive product knowledge, robust risk and capital analytics, and an experienced and execution-focused team operating in a flexible cloud-based infrastructure. ​

We partner closely with our insurance company clients to identify the right solutions to transfer risk and manage capital in a way that supports their business needs.

Our People

Our commitment to a superior experience for our current and future clients is shared at all levels of our organization. In fact, we like to think we leverage our experience to improve yours. Our employees average 14 years’ experience with the company and, our leadership team, comprised of well-respected insurance and financial services professionals, average more than 25 years’ of industry experience.​

Our Communities

At Talcott Resolution, we believe strongly in the value and strength of the communities where we live and work. That’s why we are actively involved in the local communities that surround our headquarters in Windsor, CT and our office in Woodbury, MN. Employees give generously of their time and resources within the greater Hartford, Connecticut and Twin Cities, Minnesota areas.​

Our Timeline


Company is incorporated​

Talcott Resolution is established through the incorporation of Hartford Life Insurance Company, a Massachusetts-based stock life insurance company.

Company redomiciles to Connecticut​

Hartford Life Insurance Company becomes a Connecticut-domiciled insurer.​

1978 - 1994

Sales of life insurance and annuity products commence

The company begins to offer a broad array of wealth management products to help provide lasting value for customers

  • 1978 – Structured Settlements
  • 1980 – Variable Annuities
  • 1984 – Fixed Annuities
  • 1993 – Corporate and Bank-Owned Life Insurance​
  • 1994 – Terminal Funding

Fortis Financial is acquired​

On April 1, Fortis Financial Group’s life, annuity, and mutual fund businesses are acquired to advance the growth of the company’s life and asset accumulation businesses. ​

2003 - 2004

Peak sales and contract counts are reached

In the early 2000’s, peak sales and contract count volumes are achieved:​

  • 2003 – The company becomes the industry’s no. 1 seller of variable annuities as sales peak at $15 billion. 1
  • 2004 – The company houses its greatest number of contracts on its flexible, in-house annuity administrative platform. Insurance contracts in-force total 2.2 million, including 1.8 million variable and fixed annuities contracts.
  • 1 Morningstar

Combined assets under management hit $190 billion​

On September 30, we reach a record volume for assets under management, with $190 billion in account value across all businesses.


Business priorities shift​

On March 21, as The Hartford changes its business priorities, the sale of new products cease and the risk reduction of the in-force wealth management businesses begins.​

Divestitures and in-force management actions mitigate risk

The company successfully executes on multiple complex divestitures:​

  • January 1, 2013 – Retirement plans is reinsured to MassMutual.
  • January 2, 2013 – Individual life insurance is reinsured to Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • July 1, 2014 – Japanese annuity subsidiary, Hartford Life Insurance K.K. is sold to ORIX Life Insurance Corporation.

In addition, we offer in-force annuity customers product options that provide them flexibility in how they utilize their benefits while advancing the goal of decreasing the risk on our closed blocks of businesses.

2013 - 2015

Talcott Resolution becomes independent​

On May 31, the sale of the company to a group of investors is complete and Talcott Resolution becomes an independent insurer. As a result, Hartford Life Insurance Company is renamed Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company.

Business platforms are enhanced

We implement a scalable cloud-based technology platform in a highly accelerated timeframe. At the same time, we enhance our risk, actuarial, hedging and portfolio management capabilities.

2018 through today

Growing our business​

Talcott Resolution is a premier risk partner that effectively manages its existing business and provides insurers with solutions to create capital flexibility and risk management efficiencies. ​